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Creating your account[edit | edit source]

Before playing, it's necessary to create an account. Supply an email address, password, and a character name, and then select a portrait.

After that, select an initial specialty:

  • Wizard: Mighty mage, who uses power of Life and Chaotic magic.
  • Dark Priest: Servant of the dark gods, he controls the power of Order and Death.

First campaign match[edit | edit source]

After creating your account, you'll be thrust into your first battle against a novice AI opponent. Wizards will face a Novice Necromancer.

At the bottom left, you'll see your Spell Power, Life, and Mana. Mana is used to play cards, and you will start each turn with mana equal to your spell power.

To the right will be the four cards in your hand. It is likely you'll have to summon a creature for your first move, as any spells do not yet have valid targets. Select a creature with 1 mana cost if you have one, and play it in one of the slots on your side. Then click "End Turn".

This will start your "attack phase", but creatures just summoned that turn don't attack, so nothing will happen yet. Your opponent will then get his turn, followed by his attack phase, but again, any creature he summoned that turn won't attack yet.

On your next turn, you'll note your spell power has increased by 1, also giving you 1 more mana at the start of this turn. This will happen each turn for both you and your opponent.

You may now have targets for your spells, but it is probably safer to play another creature, especially if your opponent played a creature above an empty slot on your side. If so, that creature will attack you directly on its next attack phase unless you prevent this by summoning a creature in the empty slot beneath. After playing one or two cards, click "End Turn" again.

This will begin your attack phase, and the creature you summoned in the previous turn will now get to attack. If there is an enemy creature in the slot above, your creature will attack that one. Otherwise, your creature will attack your opponent. Either way, the target will lose Life equal to your creature's attack and die if his or her life reaches 0 or lower. If this happens to your opponent, you win.

But your opponent probably has enough life to survive one measly attack. The opponent will then have his turn and attack phase. The basic strategy from here out is not complicated:

  • Try to clear lanes for your creatures to attack your opponent by killing creatures across from yours.
  • Keep creatures in slots across from your opponent's to protect your own character.